sea salt cream drinks

At 85 degrees bakery, they have a series of iced drinks with a sea salt cream.  It’s a dairy based cream made with a hint of salt that goes over the base liquid like a foam:

image  You shake it up and it is essentially a milk drink!  My cousin got me their Caramel Coffee version a few weeks ago and I got their Jasmine Green tea one last weekend.  To be honest, they tasted a lot like your average iced milk drink after it is all mixed up.  I don’t really taste the salt.  The cream is really light though, not heavy on the dairy, but just enough cream to taste more decadent than your average milk tea.

As you can see, my match green powder didn’t really mix well into the drink, which led me to conclude that it was completely a decorative note.  Yummy and refreshing nevertheless and can’t wait to go back for more!

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