A day at Sun Moon Lake

While visiting Taipei, Taiwan a few years ago, we took a day trip via bullet train to Sun Moon Lake.  Tourism is quite popular here, as evident by their efficient tourism office selling packs of tickets at the train station for 1) bus ride to the lake, 2) boat ride along the lake, 3) bus ride back to the train station.

koreataiwan2012-3 576

After about a 45-60 minute ride out to the lake, we arrived at the main boating dock:

koreataiwan2012-3 592koreataiwan2012-3 591  Here, they have a big visitor center, markets to buy snacks, and an endless amount of souvenir shops.

We headed right to our boat, wanting to make the most of our day:

koreataiwan2012-3 608

The waters were beautiful on this sunny day!

koreataiwan2012-3 623koreataiwan2012-3 629

At the other side of the main boat dock was our destination, the main village of the lake:


koreataiwan2012-3 695

Getting off the boat, the lake was even more beautiful looking back!

koreataiwan2012-3 691koreataiwan2012-3 703

The region is known for their honey (and the bees that make it):

koreataiwan2012-3 893

their passionfruit:

koreataiwan2012-3 894

And all sorts of other local snacks:

koreataiwan2012-3 912

Best was this shop at the junction of the two main drags across the village:

koreataiwan2012-3 936

They sell steamed buns with pork filling!

koreataiwan2012-3 938

Want to go low carb?  They have tofu buns too!

koreataiwan2012-3 942

And since tofu buns are better for you that white bread buns, why not get a tofu bun with pork belly too!?!?!

koreataiwan2012-3 939

After eating all that, it was a good time for a short hike/walk.  There were some trails heading through the forrest and the mountains to explore the area:

koreataiwan2012-3 730

Walking through, you can get a glimpse at how locals fish:

koreataiwan2012-3 653koreataiwan2012-3 728

and life around the lake:

koreataiwan2012-3 719koreataiwan2012-3 947

The main attraction here is this funicular:


koreataiwan2012-3 776koreataiwan2012-3 768

which takes you high above the lake and through the forest

koreataiwan2012-3 732

check out that canopy:

koreataiwan2012-3 800koreataiwan2012-3 801


koreataiwan2012-3 804

At the end of the funicular is a theme park about the indigenous people of the area:

koreataiwan2012-3 808koreataiwan2012-3 810

After some learning, you can get souvenirs of the natives and their clothing:

koreataiwan2012-3 815koreataiwan2012-3 902

Heading back, the view was amazing:

koreataiwan2012-3 840

What a day!  We were docked right before the sun set:

koreataiwan2012-3 968koreataiwan2012-3 1007

We made back to Taipei before 9 pm, just in time for more adventures!

For more on my travels through Taiwan, check out my previous posts “Floating Lanterns” and “Bullet train down to Kaoshiung”

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