Hilton Waikoloa

I can’t believe that it has been almost a year since my short get-a-way to the Big Island of Hawaii (see previous posts by searching for “big island” on my homepage).  I had written about some of the great restaurants we had dined at and our excursions to local beaches, waterfalls, and volcanoes…but what about the relaxation part?  Good question.  While there is a lot of beauty to be seen around the islands of Hawaii, nothing beats having a beautiful place to lounge around and do NOTHING. 🙂

Per recommendation of my cousin, who is well traveled around these parts, we had stayed at the Hilton Waikoloa Village (http://www.hiltonwaikoloavillage.com/).  Off Waikoloa beach, it is a village – complete with hotel rooms, time shares, and opportunities for people to just come lounge for the day.  There are restaurants and shops on site, so you really don’t have to leave at all!  There is even a Na Hoku shop (see previous post, “Na Hoku”) on site!

The decor was an Asian theme with paintings, mosaics, and sculptures displayed throughout:


Check out this Koi Pond:

IMG_9227  It is actually located in a Japanese themed area with traditional Japanese home type structures for you to have meetings or weddings in.

I liked these ocean theme sculptures along the resort:

IMG_8676  Kinda generates an exotic feel to the place.


Their pools are awesome with waterfalls and waterslides:



And even a sand based wading pool for those fearful of actually going in to the ocean:


Walkways line the ocean front for gorgeous strolls:


And cabanas to lounge around in:


Nice view!


The waters were quite rough but that didn’t stop the local fishermen going out with nets!

summer2015 499

My favorite part of the resort was their private lagoon!  You could lounge by it, go boating, kayaking, or paddle boating:


And snorkeling!  The water was quite shallow and very clear.

IMG_8704summer2015 447

Yup, there is a TURTLE in that last picture!!  Seeing it from above, made it easier to follow as we got into the water:

summer2015 451summer2015 450

My friend is a terrible swimmer and this lagoon was a perfect fit for her.  It was shallow enough to stand in but a conduit to the ocean provided an abundance of sea life to see:

summer2015 419

check out the fish and corals:

summer2015 417summer2015 343

That’s an EEL!!

summer2015 414

The lagoon is fed by these ocean waters:

summer2015 471summer2015 467

I swam out here for a bit but not too long because the waves were pretty rough.

The biggest attraction of the village, however, is their Dophin Quest!  An interactive opportunity for you to get up close and personal to dolphins!

IMG_8722IMG_8723  A great place to swim with dolphins!

With so much to do and see, there is a monorail shuttle to take you all around if you don’t want to walk:


To eat, there are some nice restaurants and casual ones.  Since we ate out most nights, we hung around the resort for our daytime meals.  They had a breakfast buffet complete with an Asian porridge bar and made to order omelet station:


There was a pizza joint with Hawaiian theme flavors on thick chewy crusts.  You could also choose your own topics for the same price.  This really hit the spot after a long day of swimming and snorkeling!



A poolside deli had huge sandwiches and make your own nacho bar:


with local beer in a can!


And don’t forget the snacks!  Like these yummies at the gift shop:


At the tip of the peninsula of the village is Buddha Point:


It is the best place to catch the sunset:




Hope to see you again soon, Waikoloa!

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