white rabbit

On a recent trip to Moscow, Russia, I made sure to get reservations to dine at the White Rabbit.  Alternating in rank between 18 and 23 in the world, this restaurant with views overlooking the city has been drawing a lot of attention.

I booked my reservation online.  Just an FYI, a reservation could not be secured until 2 weeks prior to the date you want to dine and for an extra 20,000 rubles (approx $300 USD), you could secure a specific table (i.e. table by the window with a view).  I should have known with that attempt to extort an amount of money that was likely more than the cost of a meal, it was not your average restaurant or city.

I was seated in the interior of the restaurant (I chose to use my $300 for something else) as the sun started to set after a flash thunderstorm:


and got things started with a glass of riesling:

image  You can order a la carte or a set course menu.  I got the set menu for the night!

A snack of a gelee made from apples, honey and radish was served in a scarlet flower came out first:

image  sweet and refreshing.

Next came 2 bites of oatmeal loaf crust with a cheese mouse and dried salmon, followed by a carrot, raspberry, and vodka chaser.

image  I was not a fan of these bites but loved the chaser.  The mousse completely over powered these bites and was not seasoned well.

A swan liver ryazhenka (cheese milk) topped with an apple marshmallow was fired up table side:


That was to followed by a spoonful of birch tree sap jelly chaser:

image  I think the dish would have been more successful with the jelly laced into the cheese.

True to most set course menus, the bread came out after the appetizers – image  Here is a birch bread with Russian butter and a hearing rabbit compound butter.  The herring rabbit compound butter was much better than I expected, which was a gamey mess.  It was however, a smooth and salty yummy spread.

This colorful creation started off the protein courses – king crab, pike caviar, and a cured egg yolk:

image  The cured yolk was a little weird but the crab and caviar were yummy.

I am not a fan of lamb but after a successful experience with lamb at Frantzen in Stockholm (see previous post), I was hopeful for this next dish of lamb meat with cucumber, sour shchi (russian cabbage soup) with a bit of smoked hearing on a cracker:

image  Not bad.  The lamb was not gamey and I really enjoyed the shchi.  The herring on the crackers was yummy but seemed like an afterthought to this dish.

Kundyums (russian dumplings) with bird cherry flour, roasted elk tongues, and eels were next:

  This was just ok.  I didn’t feel that this dish was special or cohesive.

A duo of turnip and parsnip soup with root parsley and jerk duck was the next dish:

image  Flavors were good, but could have been more focused.

Sterlet (fish) with sour grain and potato mash with fried crucian sauce was first of the main proteins served:

image  The potatoes were airy and the sour grains were yummy.

A palate cleanser of fresh pear dipped in honey with red caviar was served between proteins:

image  Hate to say it but this was my favorite part of the meal and the only one I highlighted on Instagram®!

The second protein was a slow cooked short ribs with mushroom and potatoes, covered in kvass sauce:

image  Kvass is a rye beer that is often homemade around the Moscow area.  This was pretty good.

Then, dessert!  Parsley cake and sorbet with candied parsley came out first and it was weird:

image  The texture of the sorbet was off but the candied parsley was interesting.  I couldn’t taste the parsley at all in the cake.

Black bread crisp with cheese ice cream and cottage cheese mouse was the finale:

image  For someone who hates cheese, this was actually not that bad.

Candied sugar with nuts were my parting sweets:

image  I was hoping to be able to take this sweet box home but this was not the parting gift.  Instead,  but I was given PERFUME!  The chef had worked with a perfumeria and created scents based on foods.  You could choose what you wanted and I liked “for shrimps” the best.  It was sweet and fresh, and made from shrimps!!!


A solid meal – not the best but not half bad.  Not as good as my meal at Frantzen but since it’s rank is higher, maybe I caught them on a bad day.


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