french toast at jeanine’s

My dad and I both love to each french toast.  So, on a recent visit to Santa Barbara, California, we headed to Jeanine’s Restaurant and Bakery for breakfast.

My dad got their challah french toast breakfast with eggs and sausage:

image  We’ve never had french toast with challah bread before and thought it was great.  Challah is an eggy bread and I appreciated how the batter around each slice was very light.  That allowed the toast to not be so overpowered with the flavor of egg.  Each bite was fluffy and yummy with a light sprinkling of powdered sugar and syrup on the side.

I was drawn to their “specialty” french toasts, in particular their Banana Kahlua Challah French toast:

image  This was so delicious!!  It is essentially like bananas foster on top of french toast.  You’ve got the same fluffy toast that my dad had but with this thick syrup with a great depth of flavor.  The Kahlua tasted like it was mixed with brown sugar and then reduced.  I also got a side of bacon (3 slices for $4!!!) but it was fantastic dipped in this Kahlua sauce!!

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