Renaud’s patisserie and bistro

Recently, there had been some press about Renaud’s patisserie and bistro in Santa Barbara, California.  It’s a chain throughout Southern California with three locations in this lazy beachside town.

Renaud’s is a french inspired establishment with a beautiful pastry case full of macarons and tarts galore.


We decided to get some pastries for breakfast and got these yummies:


A beautiful almond croissant with just the right amount of filling and a generous serving of almonds on top; an apricot topped pastry with a light amount of cream at the center; a raisin snail with a light sugar glaze on top.  These were finger licking good!

We were so impressed with our breakfast that we went back for lunch take out the next day!  We got their pain bagnat:

image  This was essentially a nicoise salad (with tuna, egg, red peppers, spinach, tomatoes, and anchovies) on an olive loaf.  There was also a light amount of pesto spread to tie it all together and it was delicious.

Today’s special was their smoked salmon:

image  Served with red onion, tomatoes, spinach on a sweet brioche bun, this was a generous amount of smoked salmon!  there was also a light spread with some chives to tie it together and it was YUMMY!

On the side of each sandwich was a simple salad with a balsamic based vinagrette:


A great meal – to eat in or take away.  Glad to have made a couple of stops here over the weekend!

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