lime goods

This week, I made these gorgeous lime curd bars with coconut crust:


A recipe from Williams-Sonoma® Dessert of the Day for July 29, this is a delicious bar.  The lime curd is thickened with corn starch and eggs, sweetened only with granulated sugar.  The crust is a shortbread with coconut mixed into the batter.  Together, it is a great tropical dessert!

Keeping with the lime theme, and since I bought a 15 oz bottle of lime juice from Safeway®, I made this key lime cake:


This is a recipe by Trisha Yearwood via the Food Network®.

This was not that great.  It uses vegetable oil instead of butter;  unfortunately, the oil flavor completely overwhelmed the cake and left an oily residue on your fingers after each bite.  The batter is flavored by lime gelatin, which also helped to add moisture to the cake.  The white specs you see on the cake are pieces of powdered sugar that didn’t completely dissolve in the lime juice for the glaze (that was my bad).  The glaze was soaked into the cake for extra lime flavor, but I thought that just made things too sweet.  A cream cheese frosting was recommended in the recipe but I wanted to keep things more simple and opted out.  I don’t have time to head out to the Caribbean anytime soon, but these lime good will do for now!


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