Xolo La Taqueria

I was craving tacos for lunch a few days ago and headed to XOLO.  A taqueria that is a sister restaurant to Dona Tomas in the Temescal district in Oakland, California, it’s always a sure bet for great and authentic Mexican flavors.

I got 4 tacos for lunch:


Top left is their “Chile Verde” taco with stewed pork in tomatillos, chiles, diced onions, and cilantro.  Next on the top right, the “Pollo” – grilled chicken with a achiote marinade, avocado salsa, pickled red onions and cilantro.  Below that is the “Camarones”, which is batter fried shrimp with arbol chili aioli, cilantro, cabbage, and lime.  And at the end, the “Beef” in a crispy shell with melted cheese, cabbage, and pico de gallo.

Four tacos was just right for my lunch.  The meats were all so tender and flavors fantastic.  There was just enough filling for each tortilla, so I didn’t make much of a mess while eating.  What a great meal.

Wanting to take advantage of being at XOLO in the middle of the day with no wait in line, I grabbed a burrito to go.  Here is their Surf n Turf:

image  Sauteed shrimp in butter is the Surf, while grilled carne asada is the Turf.  Add on some beans, rice, cheese, and onions, this is one fantastic burrito!  One is more than enough for a whole meal – so satisfying and delicious!


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