Dock for Dinner

It was a rough day today, so my good friend and I decided to reward ourselves with a nice dinner at The Dock in Oakland.  I got things started with a peach gimlet:

image  Peach puree, gin, and a peach rose water with some lime was just what I needed to help me relax… and it was delish.

First up was a pastrami poutine:

image  Pastrami and beef brisket with gravy, cheese, scallions, and horseradish cream over fries.  This was fantastic – a hearty beef based gravy with thin fries that held it’s own and didn’t get soggy.  A great way to soak up the alcohol and start the meal.

Next up, going to our Asian roots, kim chee mussels:

image  These muscles were steamed with smoked bacon and seaweed in a soy broth and served up with Dock’s famed twice cooked buns.  The broth in this was incredible – so much flavor in each bite and great texture with the bacon and seaweed.  The buns were great to soak up the broth with.  The mussels were so soft and juicy.  Loved this.

Then, the grilled ocean trout with crisp chickpea, fried cauliflower, tarragon, and scallions in a romesco sauce:

image  This was so super yum.  The romesco sauce packed a punch with huge flavor and great textures from the chickpeas and cauliflower.  The trout was so soft and tender, with a mild enough flavor to really complement the sauce.

For dessert, butter bourbon pudding:

image  with corn flake cereal based malt balls covered in chocolate and soft whipped cream.  Those malt balls were so yummy – and so small that I was so amazed that they are homemade!  The pudding was a little on the grainy side but flavors were enough to overlook that.  What a great note to end the meal!


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