Fournee Bakery

Last weekend, I stopped at Fournee Bakery in Berkeley for some sweets.  A cute shop near the Claremont Hotel and Rick and Ann’s (see previous post –, there were no shortage of people lining up to get something to eat.


Like their Babka filled with chocolate:


A Polish yeast based cake filled with chocolate, it is finished off with a nice streusel on top with nuts and sugar.  The flavors of this reminded me a lot of a rugelach (  There is a tart taste from the yeast that is almost like the cream cheese in the rugelach dough, and both treats have their nuts and chocolate.

I couldn’t resist trying their morning buns and scones:

image  The morning bun is made with a puff pastry and cinnamon sugar – flaky and yummy.  Their berry scone is on the left and currant scone is on the right –  both were flaky and buttery.  A day later, the scones were more chewy than hard and the fruit stayed nice and juicy.

From the glass case of cakes in the front of the shop, I got their salted caramel tart:


A cookie like crust filled with caramel on the bottom, there is a layer of intense chocolate mouse on top, with crunchy caramel bits and nuts in the center:

image  This was AMAZING.  The flavors in this were so incredible that a small tart was just the right amount of sweet to hit the spot.  I have never had anything like it and marveled at each bite.  The textures of the sticky caramel, crunchy nuts and caramel, and chocolate mousse went beautifully together.

What great treats!  Can’t wait to go back.

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