walk along the coast in Miraflores

In the Miraflores district of Lima, Peru, there is a beautiful walk along cliffs over the Pacific Ocean called the Circuito de Playas.  It was overcast during my visit, but I could still appreciate the beauty of the views:

peru2014-1 035peru2014-1 031

There are well marked paths along the cliffs, making it safe and easy to for a stroll or a jog:

peru2014-1 049

With gorgeous flowers:

peru2014-1 186

And various pieces of arts and parks that line the way:

peru2014-1 065

Most famous of which is their Parque del Amor:

peru2014-1 157peru2014-1 158

This was my favorite, with all their beautiful mosaics:

peru2014-1 082peru2014-1 083

There is even a lighthouse to mark one end of the road:

peru2014-1 120 where locals often do Tai Chi.

On the other end, you have more modern structures with an infinity fountain:

peru2014-1 189peru2014-1 192

And, of course, a mall:

peru2014-1 180

complete with restaurants, modern shops, and a viewing platform!

peru2014-1 190

It’s a very modern part of town and many young folks were out jogging and and just enjoying the beauty of Miraflores!  I mean, after going there, who wouldn’t???




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