Book of Liz


Playing right now is the Altarena Playhouse in Alameda is David and Amy Sedaris’ “The Book of Liz”.

I have griped a lot about the productions at the Altarean this year but this was fantastic.  A story about a “Squeamish” (a tongue and cheek nod to the Amish) woman named Elisabeth Donderstock and her quest to find herself and her purpose in life.  Frustrated with her routine and underappreciated life of making cheese balls on the Squeamish farm, she runs away to discover “the real world”.  Experiences told over twelve scenes, she comes to the realization that if you try to measure your worth through the lens of someone else, you will always fall short.

Witty writing by the Sedaris’ coupled with a great ensemble.  My only complaint was that the accent of the two characters from the Ukraine was more British than Russian.  But otherwise, well done, Altarena.

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