Fish Stew for dinner

In honor of the Olympics this past week, I made a Brazilian Fish Stew with a recipe from Williams Sonoma® Soup of the Day for July 23rd:

image  This recipe was very similar to other ones I found online and made a big pot to cheer on Team USA.  The fish is first marinated with lime, tomatoes, garlic, and onions before cooking it with chicken broth, coconut milk and clam juice.  This was so yummy.  I thought it would be super fishy with the clam juice but it wasn’t.  The fish had great flavor from the marinade and the coconut milk added just enough richness to each bite.  Loved it.

And how is this different from a Mediterranean Fish Stew?  The mediterranean version which is the July 4th recipe in Soup of the Day:


This had no cream or milk – just a clear broth packed full of flavor from all of it’s ingredients.  I think it should be more correctly named as a “seafood”stew because there are shrimp, clams, muscles along with the fish.  The broth is flavored with anchovies, thyme, rosemary and garlic – all flavors of the Mediterranean.  This stew had more vegetables in it, with the trinity of carrots, celery, and onions, making each bite full of texture as well as flavor.

Both were great summer meals and get a gold medal for keeping our bellies full and energizing us to cheer on the athletes!

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