You never can Tell

Last night, we caught the latest at Calshakes Theatre in Lafayette, California – George Bernard Shaw’s “You never can tell”


A story about how first impressions, original thoughts, and pretenses aren’t always what they seem, it was witty and captivating from start to finish.  As usual, fantastic ensemble including our favorite, Danny Scheie.  Loved the creative set of a California boardwalk in the early 1900’s and their costumes.

For our picnic before the show, we grabbed sandwiches from Ike’s Place (aka Mike’s Place in SF) to share.  On the bottom, my half of the “3 Way” (BBQ, Cheddar, Halal Chicken, Honey Mustard, Pepper Jack, Real Honey, Swiss) and on the top is my half of the “Stupid Eggplant Sandwich” (breaded eggplant, Marinara, Provolone):

image  Delicious and really hit the spot.  The blend of the flavors from the “3 Way” was so yummy and messy that it was given that I licked my fingers clean..

And for a side, homemade gazpacho from Williams-Sonoma “Soup of the Day” recipe for July 25:

image  Chunky and full of flavor, it was delicious and refreshing on a warm afternoon.  And an easy soup to pack to go!

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