gazpacho trio!

A few weeks ago, I made this beautiful gazpacho for a picnic before a play at the Calshakes theatre:

image  Tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers and herbs, it’s the recipe for July 25th in Williams Sonoma® Recipe of the Day.  It’s flavors really melded with time and tasted even better the next day.  As a chilled soup, it was a fantastic choice for a warm summer evening.

Perusing the rest of the summer recipes in Recipe of the Day, I decided to make this trio of gazpachos for a Labor Day BBQ today:


On the left, is a sweet and savory watermelon gazpacho (recipe for August 2).  The sweetness of the watermelon balanced against the savory tomatoes and onions, it was my godson’s favorite.  On top, a yellow gazpacho with yellow peppers and tomatoes (recipe for August 13).  I couldn’t find yellow tomatoes, so I used regular red tomatoes and ended up with a more orange hue.  This was alright.  Has less tomato and herbs than the classic gazpacho, so it was overall less successful.  On the right is green grapes and cucumber gazpacho with ground almonds and bread crumbs (recipe for July 9).  This, like the watermelon gazpacho, had a great balance of sweet and savory but the almonds added a great amount of protein for a satisfying and filling bite.  It was my favorite!

Served up against a platter of grilled meats and veggies, these gazpachos were a hit!  Happy Labor Day everyone1

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