Homeskillet in Alameda

This morning, I grabbed breakfast with my good friend at Homeskillet in Alameda.  I had heard great things about them from my neighbors and there was a long line waiting when we got there – all boding well for a great meal!

Granted it was labor day, the estimated wait was longer than predicted upon arrival.  Once seated, we realized why – there was only one waitress and one hostess/clearer of tables for the whole restaurant.  Seriously??  Who made that decision on a national holiday!??!?!

The waitress was not helpful and when asked what the special was for the day, she replied “Same as always”.  And then after realizing we didn’t know what she meant, she replied “Nutella stuffed pancakes”:

image  Thank goodness these were delicious or else I would never bother asking about specials here again.  Her attitude was likely due to being overworked as the only waitress in the restaurant, but still.

There were several “benedicts” to choose from the menu and I chose to go with their “Haus Benedict”:

image  It’s got smoked turkey, apple smoked bacon, avocado, poached egg, and hollandaise sauce over an english muffin.  The turkey was actually a piece of lunch meat that you could get at a deli or at the supermarket.  I guess I shouldn’t have been surprised with the meat – afterall, where are you going to get a piece of fresh turkey in September???

My friend go their “hashtag” –

image  A cute play on the internet’s way to tag things, it’s made up of hashbrowns scrambled with eggs, grilled onions, jack & cheddar cheese served with ripened avocado, sour cream, and an english muffin on the side.  This was pretty satisfying and creative way to serve up all your favorite breakfast foods!

What they are most popular for are their donuts:


I got 4 – blueberry, match green tea, a glazed curler, and a maple curler.  These were delicious – all soft and perfectly fried with just the right amount of glaze on top of each.  Loved the flavors and were SO fresh.  Definitely, the highlight of the meal.

Overall, the food was quite good but the service could use some work.  Or maybe, I’ll just have to come back on a work day when there are likely to be less people around.  ;P


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