variations of the snickerdoodle

After my last post about snickerdoodles (, I decided to check out some of the variations of the cookie I found online.

First up, a Cocoa Snickerdoodle from the Food Network®:

image  A recipe similar to the the classic snickerdoodle recipe from Williams Sonoma®, there is cocoa powder added into the batter.  It’s the same consistency as a regular snickerdoodle but with a chocolate taste.  The cinnamon sugar can makes it like a mexican hot chocolate without the heat.  (

And how about this Salted Caramel Ice Cream Sandwich by Tiffani Thiessen:

image  I love Tiffani – from “Saved By the Bell” to “White Collar”, I think she’s a great actress.  So, I couldn’t wait to check this recipe out to see how she is as a chef!  The snickerdoodle recipe is pretty similar to the Williams Sonoma® one but with a larger brown to granulated sugar ratio.  Instead of the recommended ice cream, I used Häagen-Dazs®’ Dulce De Leche because the pint could be easily cut into three 3 perfect rounds to fit 3 ice cream sandwiches.  This was decadent enough for me and so I opted out of the salted pecans recommended to coat the sides.  (

The last variation that caught my eye was the Apple Cider Snickerdoodle:

image  This got 2 reviews of 5 stars online but I was not impressed.  The recipe calls you to reduce apple cider and crush up apple chips to mix within.  The batter was super sticky and soft, even after chilling in the refrigerator for 30 minutes.  This made it super messy to roll into the cinnamon sugar.  After about a dozen cookies, I opted to make them without the sugar coating:

image  These tasted very cake-like and chewy (especially with the apple chips baked within).  So, I made another batch as cake bars:

image  This was great.  And even better some ice cream on the side!  (

Interesting concept to make variations on this classic, but I still like the classic version the best.

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