Scrapbooking with Instax

I have to say, scrap booking is my least favorite craft.  That was until I discovered Instax®.  I grew up in the era when Polaroid® cameras were all the rage and I loved watching the film develop before my eyes.  The Instax® camera is a Polaroid® camera but the pictures are smaller and cuter – perfect for a scrapbook.  My only complaint about them is that you have to have good – no great – lighting for the pictures turn out well.

While on the website for Michael’s® ( trying to buy some film for my Instax® camera, I found the Fujifilm Instax Share™ Smartphone Wireless Printer.  And this, my friends, changed my scrap booking life forever.  You download an app to your smart phone called “Instax share”, which hooks up the printer to the photos on your phone.  Then you can print whatever you want!  I love the camera on my iphone® and the photos it takes are better than all of my cameras.  So, to be able to print those photos as polaroids is so much fun.

I love to juxtapose these polaroids with actual photos and stickers throughout a scrapbook:

image  The Instax® pictures are so cute and special!

cheshire cat

My goddaughter starred as one of the Cheshire Cats in her school’s production of Disney®’s Alice in Wonderland JR©. image

The role of the Cheshire Cat was split between 3 different kids, which gave each kid a more reasonable number of lines to memorize.  My goddaughter was fantastic – so proud of her!  The set and costumes were so creative and fun – I was so impressed.  Directed by Amy Zsandanyi Yale, I think this is one of the better productions put on by this school.

As a gift, I wanted to get my goddaughter something more creative than flowers and so bought her every Cheshire Cat trinket I could find on my last trip to Disneyland®:

image  There were ornaments, keychains, pins, and socks.  She loved them!

zingerman’s care packages!

A good friend of mine is from Ann Arbor, Michigan and for each special occasion, she loves to send me care packages from Zingerman’s®.  An establishment well known to all who been to Ann Arbor, their shops have everything from baked goods to cheeses to coffee.  They even do catering and international food tours!

When I first moved into my new home, my friend sent me a box of bread.  Being in California, the freshness didn’t last so long but it all made for good toast.  Recently, she sent me a box of their gelato:

IMG_5471  These were quite rich for gelato – tasted more like somewhere in between real gelato and ice cream.  From the website, they use locally sourced milk to make both the gelato and cheese.  What a variety for homemade gelato!  Lactose intolerate beware, however – it’s heavy on the milk.

Such a creative way to send something special to a friend.  And good advertsisement too – makes me want to go to Ann Arbor!

blue owl

While at Target® last week, I found a board book about counting featuring a cute blue owl.  I have a couple of friends expecting a baby boy next month and so, I crocheted a blue owl with a matching hat to complete a gift!

This guy was made based on a pattern found in Amigurumi World by Ana Paula Rimoli.


And the hat was made by looking at some hats on Etsy®:


So cute together!


And a great gift!  img_7993

Hello Kitty as a rooster

Over Lunar New Year, I created a Hello Kitty dressed as a Ram:…nd-hello-kitty/

My goddaughter was born in the year of the rooster and is turning 10 years old this month.  For her birthday, she asked me to make her a Hello Kitty (her favorite) dressed as a rooster!


I used Lion’s Brand® Homespun® Thick and Quick® yarn for the body, wings, and head to simulate the fuzziness of feathers.  I made the crown out of red yarn on top with a beak made from orange yarn.  For the feet, I decided to use pipe cleaners to get the delicacy and shape just right.


Result?  She loved it!

Wedding Crochet for my sister!

My sister is getting married in a couple of weeks and I wanted to make something special to help decorate the reception hall.  I stumbled on this pattern for a “Jake and Fiona Wedding Couple” from Etsy® shop saplanetamigurumi, or  I tweaked with the yarn colors to customize it to my sister’s wedding:

IMG_9725  My future brother in law has curly sandy hair and my sister has long black hair.  Their wedding color is blue and the bouquets will have purple notes mixed in.  The guys are going to wear gray suits and my sister’s veil will be attached to her hair with flowers.

The groom:

IMG_9805IMG_9807  Gray tux and curly sandy hair!

IMG_9844IMG_9809  The bride with long black hair that is curly for contrast and flowers to match those picked out for the special day!

Let’s not forget about the cake!

IMG_9811IMG_9812  I started off following the pattern found in Yummy ‘Gurumi by Christen Haden and Mariarosa Sala for a 2 tiered caked but turned it into a three layer cake with side piping and a flower on top, which is what the real one is suppose to look like!

So cute together!


food books and gifts

One of my favorite collections of books for children are “World Snacks” by Amy Wilson Sanger.  You can get all of them for about $6.99 each on  With titles like “Hola! Jalopeno” or “Yum yum Dim Sum”, they are great for any foodie family trying to expose their kids to all sorts of cuisine.

I’m going to visit one of my best friends next month and her little boy just turned one.  To accompany two of my favorite books from the “World Snacks” collection, I made a tub of dim sum


and a box of sushi!

IMG_9842 What a fun gift!

Red Egg Cake Pops

In Chinese tradition, a red egg and ginger party is thrown to celebrate a newborn baby on their one month birthday.  Historically, this was done at one month of age because it was a great feat for an infant to survive that long and, because of that, this is also when the baby is named.  Nowadays, with modern medicine, we thankfully live to one month and beyond and are given our names at birth.  Chinese families now have these celebrations at 100 days or later; when the baby is stronger, more interactive and less likely to get sick.

This past weekend, I attended one of these parties for my cousin’s new 6 month old baby girl.  As a party favor, we got these cake pops in the shape of a red egg!

IMG_5169  I thought these were just fantastic.  There were three different flavors – red velvet, chocolate, and vanilla.  Each pop really looked like a red egg!  My family and I grabbed more than a few, making a sweet little bouquet.

So blessed to celebrate the new baby with cake pops and this sweet layette I made for her!



I was recently asked to make a cheeseburger out of yarn for a friend.  The best pattern I could find is called “Hamburger” by Alicia Kachmar found in Yummy Crochet, a collaboration by Kristen Rask.  I made two variations of pattern, altering it as I went along to make it more to my liking.

For the cheeseburger, you have the buns and the patty


as well as the cheese, the onions, tomatoes, and lettuce.


Each piece stacks on top of each other and I actually tied them all together first, so that it became better joined.IMG_4978IMG_4979

I then sewed all these fillings into the bun to make the burger.

The first time I made the cheeseburger, I followed the pattern more closely and the patty turned out quite large:IMG_4794IMG_4928

So, I made it a second time with a smaller patty


When I saw this pillow at the hospital gift shop last week, I knew that combining it with a burger amigurumi would make a perfect gift!