One of the most fascinating creatures for me in any Aquarium are seahorses.  The males are the ones who carry the babies to term and they come in all sorts of shapes and colors.  So, I decided to make these guys for the repertoire:

image  Cute!

This guy is based on the pattern for “Sammy the Seahorse” by A Morning Cup of Jo Creations (Josephine Wu) in Zoomigurumi 4:


I made some adjustments with it’s mane and belly to make it cuter for me.   🙂

This is based on “Sebastian Seahorse” found in Amigurumi by Lan-Anh Bui and Josephine Wan:


I made some adjustments on this too, switching it up with googly eyes and a continuous mane.  I also stuck to two colors instead of three and think he turned out cute too!

dapper sailors

These guys were on my Instagram® today:

image  Looking dapper!

This guy is “Lil Quack the Duck” by Little Muggles in Zoomigurumi:

image  I used a shiny and softer yarn for the hat and collar, which I think made it turn out funny.  I should have stuck to  thicker yarn as advised in the pattern and stuffed it as instructed.  If I had done that, maybe he would look more like he is wearing a sailor hat and less like he is wearing a sombrero.


And remember my recent post, “Walrus” ? (  Well, I added the hat and scarf as recommended in this guy’s original pattern:


And you get “Caterino the Walrus” by Airali Design in Zoomigurumi 5:


So cute!

horse again

I made “Leila the Pony” by Lillellis from Zoomigurumi earlier last year:  This was such a hit that I made it again for my other horse loving friend:


I used a curly yarn for the hair instead and I actually like it better!  And, it was an even bigger hit with this little friend!

Brother Frogs from another Mother

My little friend Liam is coming to town and he loves frogs!  So, as a special surprise, I made these brothers from another mother:

image  Hanging out in my craft room. 🙂

First up, “Frog” from Crocheted Wild Animals by Vanessa Mooncie:


I decided to deviate from the pattern by mixing two different shades of green yarn.  And instead of making each toe and finger separately, I crocheted them continuously onto the foot itself (less sewing that way!).  I also used a safety eye instead of crocheting an eye from yarn, as well as making an eyeball instead of half an eye and attaching it to the lid:

imageimage  I like my alterations, especially the eyes – he is cute!

Second, “Kirk the Frog” by Lisa Jestes Designs in Zoomigurumi 4:

imageimage with his long legs and arms!


Cute – he kinda looks like Kermit but he’s called “Kirk”!

Can’t wait to see Liam’s face when I give them to him!

Cal Bear

Look who came into town – Cal Bear!

image  I made this guy in honor of my Alma Mater for a child of couple of old classmates.  I based the design on “Theodore the Teddy” by Little Aqua Girl in Zoomigurumi 5 with some alterations by me.


Go Bears!


Last weekend, I went to visit one of my best friends and wanted to make something special for her 18 month old little boy.  So, I settled on “Stanley the Giraffe” by Little Muggles found in Zoomigurumi 4.

I used a variegated colorful yarn instead of a boring brown for his spots and the tips of his arms, legs, tails and antenna:


I also used a 6.5 mm instead of a 4 mm needle and he came out to be as big as my friend’s baby!  So cute!  And the best part?  He loved it!


The last time I made a walrus, I followed a pattern in Vanna White’s Easy Crochet Critters to pair with her seal as a gift:

iphone4slastbackup 3694  (see related post, “Under the Sea”).

That guy was cute, but then I saw the pattern for “Caterino the Walrus” by Airali Design in Zoomigurumi 5:


I decided to make him without the hat and scarf that came with the pattern.  I think his tusks and mustache made him look sophisticated enough.  🙂  and pretty cute!

New dog on the block

A while back, I made these puppies for my sweet nephew:  He loves those guys and I really love him.  So, when I got my edition of Zoomigurumi 5, I couldn’t resist making him “Scout the Puppy” by Little Muggles!


The felt tongue was my touch to give him some personality.  I really liked this pattern – he is so cute!  And my nephew was so excited to get him!!


Pixar®’s new movie, “Finding Dory”, is so much fun!  I love to snorkel and loved traveling through the ocean with the movie “Finding Nemo” and it’s new sequel.  My only complaint is, where are the dophins!?!?


Dolphins are my cousin’s favorite animal.  So, after I came home from the movie, I made this guy based on the pattern for “Doris the Dolphin” by Christel Krukkert found in Zoomigurumi 4.


The original pattern calls for sparkles and sequins but I think he’s better without.  Love it!