Outfits of the Day

Living colorfully in patterns and prints is fun when you love to shop. ¬†ūüôā¬† Follow my fashion combinations with some of my favorite designers…

IMG_9589  Dress РAnthropologie, Handbag РLongchamp, Bangle РAlexis Bittar, Watch РKate Spade, Shoes РTory Burch, Nail Polish РMarc Jacobs Beauty

IMG_7578¬†Top and jeans – Anthropologie, Rose Gold Bangle – Gorjana, Watch and Scarf – Marc by Marc Jacobs, Shoes – Tod’s, Handbag – Fendi

IMG_7743  Dress and sweater РAnthropologie, Bracelet РAlexis Bittar, Handbag РOrla Kiely, Shoes РTory Burch

iphonebackupjuly2015 4332  Dress and cardigan РAnthropologies, Necklace and bangles РKate Spade, Handbag РLongchamp, Shoes РTory Burch

IMG_5311  Dress, handbag Рbangles РKate Spade, Wallet РMarc by Marc Jacobs, Shoes РTory Burch

IMG_5446  Shoes, dress, bracelet РKate Spade, Handbag РOrla Kiely

IMG_6517  Dress, bangle, watch РKate Spade, Handbag РMarc by Marc Jacobs, Shoes РTory Burch

IMG_5527  Top РDiane von Furstenberg, bangles, watch and necklace РKate Spade, Shoes РTory Burch, Bag РOrla Kiely

IMG_5253  Handbag РRebecca Minkoff, Dress РAnthropologie, Scarf РDiane von Furstenberg, Shoes РTory Burch, Bangles РKate Spade

IMG_5289  Dress and leggings РAnthropologie, Bangle, watch and necklace РKate Spade, Shoes РTory Burch, Handbag РKooba

IMG_5172  Dress РAnthropologie, Watch and Rings РKate Spade, Handbag РRebecca Minkoff, Shoes РTory Burch

IMG_5145  Dress РMichael Kors, Shoes РTory Burch, Handbag РRebecca Minkoff, Scarf РKate Spade

IMG_5109 Top: Anthropologie, Shoes: Tory Burch, Handbag: Furla, Watch:  Kate Spade, Nail Polish: Sephora Formula X

IMG_4789  Dress, belt, and cardigan:  Anthropologie, Watch and shoes: Kate Spade, Handbag:  Kooba

IMG_4842  Dress and shoes:  Tory Burch, Scarf:  Diane Von Furstenberg, Bracelet:  Tiffany and Co., Handbag:  Kate Spade

IMG_4944  Dress:  Michael Kors, Cardigan and Bracelet:  Kate Spade, Handbag:  Rebecca Minkoff, Shoes:  Tory Burch

IMG_4877  Top:  Alice and Olivia, Shoes and Sunglasses:  Tory Burch, Scarf:  Diane Von Furstenberg, Handbag:  Kate Spade, Bracelet:  Tiffany and Co.

IMG_5121  Dress:  Michael Kors, Handbag:  Longchamp, Shoes and scarf:  Tory Burch

IMG_5205-0  Top:  Anthropologie, Watch:  Kate Spade, Nail Polish РMarc Jacobs Beauty in Fluorescent Beige, Handbag РLongchamp, Shoes:  Tory Burch

IMG_4757  All Kate Spade (including kindle cover!)

IMG_4814  All Kate Spade (dress, shoes, handbag, bracelet and necklace)

IMG_4747  Dress and sweater РAnthropologie, Belt and Wedge Sandals РTory Burch, bracelets РKate Spade, Handbag РLouis Vuitton

Airport Art

As I travel around the world, I have visited many airports.  Recently, I began to take note of some of the cool art that decorates these places!  Check it out!

image  Santa Barbara, California

IMG_3166  San Francisco, California

IMG_3170  San Diego, California


IMG_4273  Oakland, California

IMG_7335 Nashville, Tennessee

image  Copenhagen, Denmark

imageimage  Amsterdam, Netherlands

image Amsterdam, Netherlands

image  San Francisco, California


reflections are particular beautiful. ¬†here are some of my favorites from around the world…


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA singapore river, singapore


italy2014-5 520  lake como, italy

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA guilin, china (reed flute cave)

IMG_3500 san diego, california, USA

UnitedKingdom2013 7146 dublin, ireland

IMG_4084 london, england

IMG_0024 cheonjeyeon waterfalls, jeju, south korea

IMG_0096 lake titicaca, peru

IMG_2795 Santa Barbara, California


i want a ramen list

from movies like¬†The Ramen Girl¬†(with brittany murphy) to Anthony Bourdain trying to find the perfect bowl of ramen in Sapporo to David Chang and Momofuku, those packages of dried noodles i¬†used¬†to eat at midnight in college has become all the rage! ¬†i don’t think i truly appreciate the craze but i do appreciate the textures of ingredients, the quality of the noodles, and depth of the broth in a really good bowl of ramen. ¬†and every foodie around me seems to have a list on where to go, so i want one too!

so, here is my running list of places i’ve had ramen around the bay…


iphone4slastbackup 3445  ramen dojo.  known for garlic pork flavor and use of quail eggs.  long wait

iphone4slastbackup 3124 iphone4slastbackup 3125   ramen shop in rockridge.  owner is a white dude but ramen broth delicious and textures fantastic.

iphone4slastbackup 3251  ken ken ramen.  in the mission.  seems pretty authentic.  delish

iphone4slastbackup 3400  tamashii Рin the strip mall with ranch 99 Рyou get the picture

iphone4slastbackup 3815 mokutanya in burlingame.  known for skewers and ramen, it is a favorite for my family.  bigger space and so lines are not crazy like in other parts of peninsula

iphone2 037  nojo-SF.  i love love love this place.  the chicken confit in this ramen is like no other

IMG_2381 katana ya.  off union square.  great pre-theatre meal as it is across ACT and the Curran

IMG_2699  santa ramen.  this is the the regular pork.  very flavorful

IMG_2661 ume Рsee my post in flavors anew

iphonebackup 150 SOBO ramen in oakland chinatown.  too much MSG and broth not that good

iphone2 573  Ajisen ramen.  pretty good for a chain and it is at the mall






i love me some fried chicken!

who doesn’t love fried chicken? ¬† here is a running list of places i have tried some fried goodness…

iphone4slastbackup 3798brown sugar kitchen

iphone4slastbackup 3819900 grayson

iphone4slastbackup 3822bakesale betty

IMG_2486-0box and bells

IMG_2285tender greens

IMG_5034 wayfare tavern

iphone 057 pican for brunch

iphone2 085¬†pican’s famous fried chicken with truffle butter and smoked gouda mac and cheese!

iphone4slastbackup 3232¬†corner’s tavern (while flavorful, it is not consistent. ¬†often undercooked)

IMG_4808 the forge.  not bad and pizza is pretty good there too

IMG_5042  hopscotch

IMG_3095 aveline sf.  best thing on the menu.

IMG_3969  waffle roost food truck



my running list of¬†places to get a scoop…

IMG_2492-2 iphonebackup 008iphonebackup 024 SMITTEN

IMG_2858-0 NAIA  Рclosest thing state side close enough to true gelato

iphone5may2014 095  vietnamese coffee with condensed milk from cryo cream.  similar concept to SMITTEN but not bad if you are in the south bay.

iphone 239 Humphrew Slocombe Рpretty much anything

iphone 062 bi-rite Рmy favorites are salted caramel and honey lavendar

IMG_3001Fenton’s ¬†– ¬†hands down, coffee cookie dream.

IMG_3036-0. Ici РI love this place.  i will never forget the first time i had their earl grey Рit was beautiful and i have been hooked on tea and floral flavors ever since!

iphone2 1070¬† Loard’s in alameda/oakland

IMG_5023 organic and have sandwich options too.  PLUS, they often do my favorite tea and floral flavors